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This beautifully hand painted ceramic urn makes a lovely resting place for your dog or cat's ashes. Reverential yet joyful , the perfect reflection of your pet and your life together.

This urn is large enough to carry the ashes of up to a 25kg dog. We do have larger urns for larger breed, to enquire email:


Designs available:

Red Hearts and Paws

Blue Hearts and Paws

Blue Hearts ( no paws)

Red Hearts (no paws)

Blue Forget-me-nots

Pink Forget-me-nots

Violet Forget-me-nots

Blue Forget-me-nots and Hearts

Pink Forget-me-nots and Hearts


There is also a choice of lid adornment:

Painted heart

Ceramic bone

Ceramic flower


If you would like a portrait of your dog or cat on one side of the urn I am more than happy to make this for you. Please see separate listing to make an order.


Memorial Urn for Dogs or Cats

    • Glazed Earthenware 
    • Made in the UK
    • Measures 12cm x 12cm (at widest point)
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