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This beautiful hand painted ceramic urn has been made especially for larger dogs. It is large enough to hold the ashes of dogs up to 45kg.

Decorated in one of our signature designs  these urns are reverential yet playful . A perfect reflection of your beloved dog.


There are three different designs to choose from :

Hearts and Paws ( blue or red hearts)

Polka Dots 

Forget-me-nots ( blue or pink)


They also have two different lid styles. Either a flat lid or a point lid. 

The flat lid can have a ceramic adornment of either a heart or flower or if you choose the pointed lid then there is the option of a hanging bone or heart . The bone can be personalised.




Large Memorial Urn for Dogs


    • Glazed earthenware
    • For dogs weighing more than 22kg
    • Measures 16 x 20cm
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