This personalised plate makes a special keepsake gift for a wedding or anniversary.

As a wedding gift the plate has a stylised hand painted portrait of the bride and groom in the centre ( this can be taken from a description or photo).

For an anniversary gift , a family portrait or couple portrait can be painted in the centre ( this too can be taken from photos or descriptions).  A perfect keepsake for a 8th and 9th anniversary as pottery is traditionally given and said to bring good luck.


The plate is available in different sizes and a choice of either a rimmed plate or a flat coupe .

sizes available: 20cm coupe (no rim)

22cm rimmed

25.5cm rimmed

26cm coupe


Prices start at £65

Wedding or Anniversary Plate

SKU: 0001
Size of plate
Design around plate
    • Glazed Earthenware
    • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
    • Made in the UK

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